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    Default Change a solid fill to a shade of the solid color

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    I am using AutoCAD 2007 to generate specification drawings in 2D.

    I understand that to fill an area with a solid color, I use the hatch feature and indicate solid as the pattern. (If there is a better way, please let me know.)

    How do I fill an area with a color at 30% tint.

    In particular, this is a print specification, only one color is to be used. A portion of the printed area is to be a lighter shade or tint of the same color. If you were to look at the one color gradient, I want the tint or shade of color found 30% in from the white end of the gradient.

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    You can do that on the "True Color" tab of the Color dialog. Just change the "Luminance" value to whatever percentage you require.
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    Thank you for your response.
    My select color, true color tab window does not include the luminance adjustment. Apparently that was an addition after AutoCAD 2007.
    Do you know if there is another way to make that adjustment?
    Maybe something to do with opacity?

    (Edit added later...)
    I found the luminance adjustment. It was a matter of changing the color model setting from RGB to HSL.

    My problem now is that if I want to be accurate, I need to determine what luminance value to use.
    On a scale of 1 - 10 with '10' = the solid color (Pantone 2745C) and '0' = white, I need '3' or 30%
    When I pull the color up in the color book then select the True Color tab, the solid color has a luminance of 23.
    If the luminance scale is linear, than 30% would be a luminance value of 77.
    I don't know if that logic applies in this application. Do you?
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