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    Default Align command in AutoCAD LT 2001 and up

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    Good morning all!

    Seems a little early to have a discussion about stuff like this but...

    I work at a Architectural firm that uses both ADT and LT. Over the last couple of months we've noticed that for every similarity between the software there are some pretty signifigant differences in the way things are organized/structured.

    This morning we were discussing how LT 2001 appears to have dropped the align command that was present in R14. I pointed out that I (regardless of platfrom) use rotate and then use a reference point (R) to rotate a item. It was pointed that this takes too many steps (which I do not agree with). I then pointed out that every year somone, somewhere is upset that their "favorite" command is gone, times change, etc.

    Just curious, does anyone know if this command is actually gone from LT or has it returned, maybe under a different name?

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    As far as I know, ALIGN was never in any version of LT.

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    Kate is right. See HERE a previous discussion about the ALIGN command
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