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    Default Excell table in to 2000 LT

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    Is it possible to get an excell table into , and successfully print out in AutoCAD Lt 2000. I can get the table in but the print out looks very pony. I am now drawing too many planting tables to mention. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Excell table in to 2000 LT

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    Yes, wouldn't it be great if that worked perfectly every time. You're not the first person to come across this one. There does seem to be a problem with Excel OLE objects and AutoCAD and the problems usually occur at the printing stage. I guess the easiest way round it is to export your Excel file to a space delineated format and then import the resulting text file using MTEXT. Obviously you'll need to use a monospaced font in order to maintain all the columns but it does work.

    I also have a feeling that this problem may have been resolved in more recent versions of AutoCAD LT. Anyone out there using LT 2002 who can confirm this?
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