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    Default Electrical legend

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    Hi All,
    Im brand new to autocad so apologies if im hard to understand. Im trying to find out how to make an electrical design for large residential properties. The designer has released the floor layouts and i would like to be able to click an icon for various electrical components ie sockets, pendants downlights etc. Not sure where to start and is there anywhere that you can obtain an industry stanard electrical legend?


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    It's a matter of your company having a dwg that has all of the blocks that they use. I don't know the exact electrical standards, but I could probably send you a general; if you pay attention to what's used, it's pretty simple.

    As long as you use blocks that you call out in your General Notes/Legend sheet, you can use smiley faces if you want.

    Once you have that office-standard, you can copy/paste the whole sheet in, then just copy/paste the blocks as you need within whatever drawing you're working in.

    Whatever clients your work with; see what they use, and that'll be the best way to determine what you should set up for your company's needs.

    I'm sure there's somewhere that has a general set of symbols/blocks you'll need. I don't know of it personally, but most companies keep the same general symbols.
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    At my office we use tool palettes to place receptacles and such. I'm not a 100% sure how you set them up, but you could dig around in the help file and I'm sure something would pop up. Mind you this if for autocad 2007. I dont know how similar electrical 2007 is to autocad 2007.

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    ...you don't say where you are in the world but in UK there are British Standard symbols; probably the same for US and elsewhere. The BS document which lists them costs a lot (as do all BS documents).

    ...just found a site which says BS now issue on CD but I reckon it'll be expensive...


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