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    Default Mouse button controls

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    I dont know if this belongs in the begineers area or not..
    At work I use a Logitech MX700 mouse. When I double click the wheel the pan control goes on and stays on and when I hold it down and move the mouse to the right, the drawing pans over to the right. At home on my Laptop I use a MX500 mouse and the mouse works how I want it to, double click the wheel and it goes to extents and when I hold the wheel down, the pan works by sticking where it is on my drawings and letting me control the pan a lot easier.
    How can I get the same setting at work that I have at home? swapping the mice over doesnt do anything, the same happens on the same computers



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    seems like a mouse specific issue, so look at the control panel --> mouse configuration or if Logitech specific tools are installed, look there.

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    also check out the sys var MBUTTONPAN


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