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    Default need help Importing .dwg into VIZ4

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    I am having problems getting my 2004 cad drawings to import into VIZ4, anyone help with this? Do I need to change the extension file name?

    Also how can I open a VIZ4 drawing with VIZ5?

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    if it's the same as Viz3 then it's Insert > Autocad DWG or something very similar. It's ages since I had it open and it's at work so I can't check.

    Also how can I open a VIZ4 drawing with VIZ5
    ehmnnn.... probably something along the lines of File > Open

    unless they've made some very drastic changes !
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    Default I got most of it...

    I finally figured it out. In order to import a CAD 2004 dwg into VIZ 4, you need to save the 2004 dwg as a 2000 dwg, then it will open just fine.

    Now if anyone can give me some help with taking a VIZ 4 drawing and opening it in VIZ 5 I would apreciate it. I have been told that it does not work but I am sure there's a way

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    another option would be to export it out of Autocad as a 3DS file. this way Autocad will do the file conversion instead of Viz trying to convert an autocad file.

    i recall to have better control over the layer names with a 3DS file too.

    Viz5 should open a Viz4 file with no problems. however, there is no "SAVE AS VIZ4" feature in Viz5.


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