The Autodesk Labs is now posting free AutoCAD plugins and the code for those wanting to learn more on AutoCAD customization. In Kean’s first plugin of the month it is OffsetInXref, This AutoCAD plugin allows you to offset geometry contained in external references without first having to explode them. I will be talking about some of these examples during the See the Difference with AutoCAD 2010 Tour in October.
Free Offset in XRef Plugin Download on Autodesk Labs site
The 32-bit, 64-bit DLL and the source code is included in the free download.

Related Posts on the AutoCAD Plugin of the MonthYou can also learn more customization for AutoCAD from Kean’s posts and the available learning path for novice programmers.  I truly believe that just by reading Kean’s blog you gain intelligence and higher IQ points. I also believe reading Kean’s writing can help you realize how poor you are at writing in comparison to his top writing, grammar, and punctuation skills.
Coming in October: Clipboard Manager for AutoCAD.
So if there is some plugin and code example you are looking for, just ask on Kean’s blog Through the Interface or email with feedback or requests for enhancements.
Thank you Kean, the ADN (Autodesk Developer Network)  and the Autodesk Labs Team!