Get your stylus pens fired up and ready to freehand sketch in AutoCAD! As I mentioned awhile back “Glimpse at Alias Sketch for AutoCAD 2010” a new product was coming. Alias Sketch for AutoCAD is a marriage of the awesome Autodesk SketchBook technology and AutoCAD products. This is an AutoCAD add-on application for sketching and image editing for experimentation with creative concepts all without exiting AutoCAD.
Yes this is AutoCAD!
  • Draw Freehand Illustrations
  • Create Concept Variations
  • Create Compositions with 3D Models
  • Trace 3D Models
  • Create Concept Walls
  • Annotate
From the Autodesk Labs webpage
Technology Preview
Take advantage of Alias® and SketchBook technology directly in AutoCAD® software. Autodesk® Alias® Sketch for AutoCAD® Technology Preview adds fully integrated painting, illustration and image manipulation capabilities to enhance the AutoCAD design workflow, making AutoCAD a much broader creative tool. With Alias Sketch for AutoCAD users will be able to:
  • Leverage freehand drawing techniques with pen based interaction
  • Create blank screen illustrations
  • Create artwork or import images to graphically express the context of designs, something previously requiring multiple applications to achieve
  • Manipulate and composite images to quickly create variations for design exploration
  • Free-hand markup (annotate) directly on top of AutoCAD geometry “

If you have a need for sketching or image manipulation within AutoCAD 2010 then give this free 30 day technology preview a try. I know some could get fancy with the AutoCAD SKETCH command, but that series of polylines segments was not as fluid as what you can do now with this Autodesk Labs Technology Preview of Autodesk Alias Sketch for AutoCAD.
Currently the product supports only the base AutoCAD and not the vertical industry versions of AutoCAD such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD Map 3D, etc. If you are sketching a tablet would be a great tool but not mandatory especially for the image manipulation.
Go exercise your artistic or industrial design side in AutoCAD.