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    Default Hatch in isometric projection/drawing

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    Hi guys! It’s me again J. In Autocad LT 2002

    Here’s the set up.
    New drawing.
    On the command line type
    <select from X axis 315, XY plane 30> <you should be on "Absolute to WCS>
    then click OK
    from drop down. select tools
    then drafting settings
    then on the Snap and Grid click on ISometric snap

    Draw an ellipse, any radius (axis on the Y and Z axis)
    Can I apply the hatch command in this set up?

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    You can hatch a plain closed boundary as long as it is placed on (or it is parallel with) the XOY plane. It is not important the direction of view. If the ellipse had one axie parallel with the OX and the other with the OZ plane it is placed on the XOZ plane. In this case rotate the UCS around the OX axe and than you can hatch.
    Please tell me: do you begin all your messages by pasting the “header” from somewhere?
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    I write my queries in ms word first then i pasted it on the message body when I'm already online.

    I'm using the same heading so that the reader could understand or follow my set up on my drawing.



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