It's 1970, one year out of the U. S. Army, three years out of high school. After weeks of drawing on paper vellum, 3 to 4 Hours in front of a Diazo blueline printer, fold 12 sets of 24" x 36" plans just so, with the title block showing in the outside lower right hand corner, jump in the car, and haul hiney to the surveyor, or architect, or the city permit office, or the job site, or the contractor's office, or combine any of the above in one trip. No mileage or gas reimbursement, just get it done.

It's forty-seven years later. After one week of AutoCad work, its Output Tab, Batch Plot tile, publish button, zip it, email it in under 5 minutes, and I get asked why they couldn't have it sooner.