Please consider I'm not using an US language version of autocad, so some of the terms I use can be a bit different from what you read in your autocad toolbars.
I have a simple block with two parallel lines (such as opposite sides of a rectangle )
My goal is to create a dynamic action which moves both the lines of the same angle around one of their extremes.
I put two rotation parameters, one for each line, centered on one of the extremes of the line, then I set the secondary parameter's chaining property to Yes.
I added a rotation action linked to rotation parameter 1 and selecting the following object: the first line and the secondary parameter. Then added a second rotation action linked to the second parameter (the one chained) and selected the second line.

Unfortunately it doesn't work well because changing the angle the starting point of the second line moves in a very strange way.

Can you help ?
I'm not even sure I can reach my goal with my autocad 2006.