Yesterday Autodesk released on the Apple App Store a free app named Time FX. We also released a free Time FX Mac Screensaver.

So why is a Time FX so cool when there are thousands of them out there already? No other clock uses a real fluid dynamics solver to generate the effects in a* truly dynamic and mind bending way. Using fluid dynamic based effects is a slice of the technology in some of Autodesk visualization fx products like Maya and placed on your iOS based devices for fun.*

This app reminds me of another free app and that is Fluid FX. Time FX has several modes from the cool looking disc where you visually see effects oriented around a disc that correlates to time. There are also many other modes such as flames with the numbers of hour, minutes and seconds. And there is an alarm function included.

Some screenshots from my iPad

Free Time FX Download on the iTunes App Store
Free Time FX Screensaver for OSX

So keep track of time while bending your mind with the visual effects.