In the spirit of the 3.14 date being the same as the number of the mathematical constant of Pi I thought I would add my own spin of warped humor along with some cool 3D technology.

All day I have been hearing about pies key lime pie, blueberry pie, cherry pie, pot pie, meat pie, banana cream pie, and apple pies which has done nothing but make me hungry.* But how about a cow pie?

I had shown this unique 3D model live at Autodesk University 2011 to illustrate a point of how easy it is to capture objects in 3D using the free 123D Catch software from Autodesk. A cow pie is certainly something you would never take your laser scanner out into the field to capture and even then you would get an untextured point cloud that you would have to create a surface mesh. But in only seconds with a small point and shoot digital camera you can capture the object in 3D mesh complete with textures and no smells.

So if you ever needed to capture something as a 3D mesh with textures where you do not need manufacturing tolerance precision then Autodesk 123D Catch would be a great option. From 123D Catch you can export FBX or OBJ files for use in a video game, video animation, or even a 3D print.

I proudly present to you the 3D Cow Pie in honor of Pi day.