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    Default The way you draft arch levels

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    While I was trying to learn something about sheetsets, I found a sample in the install dir of AutoCAD. So I remembered that before 5 6 years I found a drawing with the same style of drafting. It seemed to me too messy and difficult to undarstand how to edit it. But I knew that drawing was proffesional.
    So my way to draft levels is to have single drawing for each level and one drawing with all levels (main drawing) xrefed each in own layer. I have some layer filters and so on. Elevations and sections I draw in modelspace in that main drawing, but I aligh and level them with levels in paperspace with own viewports (with same scale of course ). So I think that mistakes I can make is minimum. In the main drawing are and the layouts with the level sheets, with freezed other levels in the viewport, so its easy to filter and see each level. With all over levels, you can see where to put chimney or colomn, without touch a door for instance in the upper level.
    In the sample - all levels (and seilings) are in one file, each level has layers for walls, dims marks and so on, and they are filtered by model views layer state.
    So - my question - which is more easier to work. I will attach the sample file of AutoCAD sample folder.
    Attachment 34384
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