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    Wink 3D modelling help

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    I have been 3D modelling for a couple of years, but have never learned anything about Sun and Sky Simulation, lights, shadows, materials, and about walk and fly, and the online tutorials I have found haven't included those subjects. Can anyone direct me to a good tutorial please, or let me know where I can get hold of some good sample drawings that have some or all these attributes I can look at and learn from? I currently use 2008, so can't use drawing created on more recent versions.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

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    Welcome to the forum.
    This is definitely not my field of expertise, in fact I know nothing at all about it, but I suggest you look for tutorials on RENDERING rather than modeling.
    Be patient, I would expect some of the rendering guys will stumble onto this, and may have some specific suggestions for you.
    Good luck.

    I just went to the tutorials section on this forum and did a search for RENDERING TUTORIALS and a whole bunch of stuff came up,
    looks like a great place to start.
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    Welcome to the forum sisiliando, this one helped me a lot: http://cad-notes.com/2010/07/setting...light-is-easy/ the best thing is to start and if you have a problem just post it on CADTutor
    Greetz Oppie.

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