When you use the displacement method of moving an object, AutoCAD remembers that displacement for the next move.

What is the displacement method? At the Specify base point or [Displacement] :* prompt, you specify the X, Y coordinates. For example, you might type 0,4 to move the selected object up 4 units.

Want to move another object up 4 units?

Start the MOVE command and select the object. Now press Enter 3 times:
  • The 1st time ends selection
  • The 2nd time choose the displacement option at the Specify base point or [Displacement] : prompt.
  • The 3rd time moves the object the same displacement as the last time. For example, the prompt might look read Specify displacement :
AutoCAD moves the object up 4 units. Very simple!

And yes, you can do the same with the COPY command, but displacements that you use for MOVE aren’t saved to the COPY command and vice versa.