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    Default "Flattening" an isometric to 2D vector art ...

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    I have seen drawings before that were isometrics [or anything really] of a 3D drawing, often shaded as "HIDDEN" .... but then they were somehow "flattened" to be a 2D drawing ...

    How does one do this?
    I was trying to think of a clever way to have all the points move to one plane on the "Z" depth ... then maybe unite the redundant lines ... but that seems l;ike I am overshooting the technique ...

    Does anyone know how to "flatten" your viewpoint to a hidden-line drawing like this?

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    Perhaps the "flatten" command (Express Tools). That moves all objects to have z=0.0 in current UCS. To "clean up" a flattened drawing you could use OVERKILL (also an E.T. command) to remove duplicates/overlaps.

    For 3d drawings, many users resort to SOLVIEW and SOLDRAW commands.

    Some have used "3dsout" or plotting to a dxb file as other methods.


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