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    Exclamation Is Revit the best program to make furniture pieces?

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    Apologies in advance if this isn't in the most appropriate category.

    I recently started work at a marketing firm that was seeking people experienced in Revit. I used it a lot in school so I thought, awesome. When they told me more about the position, they told me I'd be using the software to create furniture pieces that'll go into rendered floorplans and their goal is for the pieces to look as real as possible in the rendering.

    Creating pieces wasn't something I did a lot of in my classes but I thought a challenge would be welcome. The problem is that I have one coworker who did very basic training in the software and that's it. No one else knows anything about Revit so I figured this is a good place to ask.

    I've found that tables are easy. Anything with edges, I'm fine with. But when pieces are supposed to have softer edges (like pillows, beds, chairs, etc) I'm having more trouble with making them.

    I've tried using the Model In Place option and the start from scratch option where I just go right into making a new component. It's a bit time consuming, but I'm hoping it's just because I'm new at it. I've even used the 3D Modeling part of AutoCAD 2013. It does make cushions easier but there's still some things I'm just not able to figure out.

    My main question is this: is it possible to make detailed/realistic furniture pieces for Revit (like things I would find on RevitCity) in Revit itself or should I use other AutoCAD software. The other two I've been looking at were Inventor or 3DS Max. I used Inventor a bit in classes for designing mechanical pieces and loved it. I've never used 3DS but I checked into it on YouTube and the videos show plenty of things I could use at work.

    Any helpful opinions on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind if I end up having to learn another program, as long as it makes things smoother and quicker in the long run.

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    I'm fairly certain that most Architects wouldn't want extremely 'Heavy' models in their BIM anyway! After all - it is Information modelling - not manufacturing modelling.

    Assuming then that you are just building this content for yourselves, and that it doesn't need to be parametric, then - yes, modelling in some other package and then importing would be much easier.

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    This reminds me when I first started using Revit a few years ago. I was searching and searching for something that was very common and couldn't believe it couldn't be found. I forget exactly what it was. The next day I get a weekly email from one of those CAD rags. It had a long article about entourage families. Among the items were throw pillows. My head hit the desk. 3D throw pillows and they weren't free.
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    You most certainly can use Revit for furniture modeling. The reason it's time consuming is because you simply are new to the program. I've seen Revit be used for phenomenal stuff. Check out the eBook Promo from Michael Anonuevo of www.littledetailscount.com


    In this promo he shows how detailed and great Revit can be utilized. Hopefully this can shine a light of hope in your ventures.
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