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    Default Plotter Printing Problems...

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    I hope somebody can help me out. I have about 5 computers, all using AutoCAD Land Desktop 3. They all have the same .ctb file (I even copied one and replaced all of the others). The problem is this: 2 of the computers print out the grayscale (colors 250-255) about 10% darker than the rest of the machines and I have checked all of the .ctb settings as well as the HP 1050c Plus settings, which are all set to the default settings. If I am unable to fix the issue soon, I will be re-installing the printer and LD3 over again - but I doubt that will fix the issue. Does anyone have any thoughs. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Try using the "Page set up" on any of the ones that plot correctly. Then "Save" that drawing and "Import" the saved "Page set up" name into the others and before plotting, check the "Plot style table" to make sure it is finding the correct .ctb.

    You could also make a copy of the "correct" .ctb, rename it to whatever, use it to do the first plot, then do what I've suggested above.

    This way you'll know it's grabbing the right .ctb.

    I found this out the hard way, as co-workers have copied .ctb's locally, edited them to suit their needs, resulting in the very problem you have encountered. Same .ctb name, wrong pen assignments.

    Good luck ... I'll continue to think of other possibilities for you.
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