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    Autodesk RSS Feed Changing render background color in AutoCAD® 2007

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    You are using AutoCAD 2007 and want to change the render background color. Currently all you can use is the default black.


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    the link above was broken....so i thought to post the solution here...this solution is still valid to this date for all including aca 2010.

    To change the render background color:
    1. On the View menu, click Named Views.
    2. Click New.
    3. Assign a name and configure the boundary and settings. If you want your background color to appear in modelspace, you must assign a 3D Visual Style.
    4. Select the Override Default Background check box. To change the background color only, set the Type to Solid and click the Color field under Solid Options. Select the color you want.
    5. Click OK three times to return to the View Manager dialog box.
    6. In the View Manager dialog box, select the new named view in the Views tree and click Set Current.
    7. Click OK.

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