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    Default "Americanizing" a non-US version of AutoCAD

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    Hello everybody,

    Here's my problem : with AutoCAD, I work almost exclusively with the keyboard commandes, and I make extensive use of the various shortcuts for the commands (you know, l, c, cen, fro, tr, su, uni, dimlin, 3do and the likes). All these commands are so hardwired in my brain that my left hand types the shortcuts almost automatically when I think I want some element at some location.

    Now my problem is this: I very regularly have to work on a colleague's laptop that's got the french version of AutoCAD installed, and much to my dismay, not only the GUI is in french (which I'm okay with) but the commands are translated as well. The simpler commands have similar shortcuts (lile l and c) but for the rest, I'm stumped and I have to be very careful not to let my keyboard hand fly over the keyboard as usual, as the result is often disastrous. I did find a workaround to use the english versions of the commands, which is to prefix them with an underscore, but I have to type them entirely (like _subtract, _fillet...). It's a pain, my efficiency is zero and I can't get a tenth of the work I'd be able to do at home, not to mention the many errors I make constantly.

    I've looked around in the menus, hoping there would be an option to enable the default set of commands instead of the french ones, but I didn't find anything. So my question is this: is there a file or a set of files I could copy from my US AutoCAD install over to my colleague's french AutoCAD that would give me the english commands and shortcuts, even temporarily? I'd rather spend 5 minutes in the morning swapping files and be able to do actual work for the next 8 hours than goof around with the french commands all day long. He uses a french AutoCAD 2004 and I use a US AutoCAD 2005, but I assume they are reasonably similar.

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    You could have a custom pgp file that you set up, and use only these shortcut commands. I suppose you'd have to rename the "French" pgp file, copy yours to the laptop, restore when done. A portion of this file would look like:

    DT, *_TEXT
    DV, *_DVIEW

    OK I tried that, AutoCAD didn't recognize the command "_LINE" when invoked with a shortcut.
    So Plan B would be to figure out the equivalent French commands to assign to the srortcut, suc as ;

    L, *LIGNE (which is already in the French pgp like this)
    xx, *EquivalentFrenchCommand
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    There is a program called autohotkey that will let you remap a shortcut to do something else. E.g.: ::l::line in a script file .ahk, will type line after you type l and a space, or an enter. (you can change it to fire off without an ending character).

    The nice thing for you case is that it runs with an icon showing in area near the clock and you can right click on it and suspend; when you need to turn it back on you right click again and press suspend again to un-suspend.

    Another nice thing is that you can set it up to perform many actions automatically like opening print dialogue, setting options there, etc etc, clicking with a mouse somewhere, running another program, running loops, writing to files. You can also set up shortcuts, as I said above, without ending characters, so that you could press 'c' which would run copy command, without the need to press enter or space.

    Also, mouse buttons can be remapped to anything, for instance I remapped wheel down to be 'zoom window' and wheel up to be 'zoom previous'. People hate it when they use my autocad, needless to say. Fortunately we don't have a strict policy about these things here, or I'd get in trouble.

    It's at http://www.autohotkey.com

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    Cool To create your own enviornment

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    You can create a different login in Windows, or a different Profile under options (or whatever it is called in French)in Autocad.

    I keep a cheap (125meg) thumb drive with all lisp routines (including Acad.lsp), and Acad.pgp etc. that I can drop into any USB port. Then I create a profile with the resulting thumb drive letter at the top of the file search paths. Without the thumb drive in place Autocad looks, doesn't see anything and moves on without causing an error.

    By placing the Acad.lsp and Acad.pgp in the thumbdrive, those are found first when in place and the othrers are found otherwise, so it makes a very quick and easy switch back and forth.

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