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    Default Text style problem

    Has anyone had trouble changing an MTEXT from one style to another in the properties table? I change the style but the text stays the same as before, the font doesnt change. I tried REGEN, but nothing, i close AutoCAD but the text remains as the old font. I restarted the computer, i though that would be a long shot, but still no change.

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    yes, I've en countered this brefore. Someone has used the mtext editor hightlighted the font they wanted to change and just changed it for the selected text, not the whole object. To change it's font now you will likely have to go into the mtext editor for that piece of text, and hightlight all you want to change, and change it in the font pull down, that would be the second pull down from the left in the mtext editor window.

    Hope this helps.

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