Today I'm presenting at another Autodesk User Conference in Europe - this one in London. We have nearly 800 attendees signed up (wow!) so it should definitely be a room full of energy. Our CEO Carl Bass will be delivering the keynote so I'm definitely looking forward to that. Carl is a techie just like the rest of us and always has great insight to share (that and he's a downright nice guy). All of you who will be attending AU will also get to hear him on the mainstage. I will be doing some presentations for the manufacturing track at this conference - should be good fun.
Of course - it's in the middle of the night for me and I'm blogging because I can't sleep (jetlag!) I may need some toothpicks to keep my eyes open tomorrow! Thank heavens for makeup!
An AutoCAD Hip Tip on Exploding Blocks with Attributes:
I received an email from an AutoCAD user who was working on a drawing he received from someone else and half of the drawing was a block. He needs to make some edits so he explodes it - right? Within that block are many, many attributes and as we know - if we explode a block with attributes the text returns to the original attribute tag (which is definitely not what we want in this case).
So what is the answer - the fabulous Express Tool BURST. This great tool will explode your block but convert your attribute values to text (and save the day!). It's super easy to use - use it just as you would the explode command.
So I'm off to try and get a little shut eye before I have to wake up (which is very soon I'm afraid)...have a fabulous Wednesday!