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    Default Help long section from prn file

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    Hi all, I have a huge request linked to an lisp received from a friend.
    Lisp do next operation ... select a file type PRN (Ex 1.PRN), required datum level (ex:90) value and automatically draws longitudinal profile with data from file PRN (formatted text space delimited) .

    my request is ... can someone help me to do lisp advanced form of longitudinal profile as shown in attached “LGTR.dwg” file(in green rectangle). When I upload file 2.prn in lisp drawing the result from the green box.

    I would appreciate if someone can suggest an idea or if modify the Lisp as showing the longitudinal profile in green border.

    to use prn file please del .txt
    lisp command is LGTR
    datum level for my files is 90

    Thank you for your time.
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