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    Smile Xref- layout unfreezes when layer change names

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    I have my xref-drawings with many layouts with even more viewports.
    In all these viewports i wanna show different kind of information and therefore i have to freeze some of the them, depending of what i want to show ofc.

    Now i just realized i have to change all my layer names from the orginal drawing, and when i do that all the freezed layers unfreezes in my xref viewports.

    for ex.

    All my layers starting with B_.....
    and now i wanna change that to X_...

    but i still wanna keep the layers frozen/unfrozen on the particular viewport in my xref-file.

    I Hope you guys understand what im trying to say and hopefully someone will save me from this ยค!%"&/

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    Without actually testing, I'm afraid you are going to have to bite the bullet and redo the viewport layer properties overrides after renaming. You might be able to get this to work in model space but I can't imagine it working with viewport overrides.
    Drafting is a breeze.

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