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  1. Last Post: 25th Apr 2018 03:05 am
    by Dadgad  Go to last post
  2. Move a spline using a macro

    Started by roldy‎, 23rd Mar 2018 02:37 pm
    api, macro, sketch
    Last Post: 23rd Mar 2018 02:37 pm
    by roldy  Go to last post


  3. Title block detail filling Macro

    Started by Prasanna‎, 14th Nov 2017 06:42 am
    custom properties, macro, title block templates, vba
    Last Post: 14th Nov 2017 02:13 pm
    by Lee Mac  Go to last post
  4. help with macro command

    Started by rotaidar‎, 21st Oct 2017 01:36 pm
    Last Post: 27th Nov 2017 10:23 pm
    by tombu  Go to last post
  5. Macro - New Drawing with Client Templates/Layers

    Started by jesset‎, 3rd May 2017 11:10 pm
    macro, new drawing
    Last Post: 9th May 2017 12:17 pm
    by tombu  Go to last post
  6. Last Post: 20th Dec 2016 02:41 am
    by HFBandit  Go to last post

    AutoCAD LT

  7. Hatch Poly Lines in a particular layer

    Started by bend‎, 15th Mar 2016 05:56 am
    Last Post: 24th Mar 2016 10:37 pm
    by ReMark  Go to last post
  8. message box when close file

    Started by sarox85‎, 13th Nov 2015 03:20 am
    autocad, macro, msgbox, vba
    Last Post: 13th Nov 2015 10:17 am
    by BIGAL  Go to last post
  9. Solidworks Macros - 2 Part Question

    Started by ILoveMadoka‎, 13th Oct 2015 02:13 am
    Last Post: 11th Dec 2015 03:32 am
    by shift1313  Go to last post


  10. Problem with macro for creating several dimension styles

    Started by Sandervp‎, 21st Jul 2015 02:14 pm
    2 Pages
    1 2
    dimension style, dimstyle, macro, redefine, scale
    Last Post: 24th Jul 2015 11:26 am
    by tombu  Go to last post
  11. How can i make a ITM have a command

    Started by AutoCAD Gaming‎, 19th May 2015 10:47 pm
    Last Post: 20th May 2015 03:55 pm
    by AutoCAD Gaming  Go to last post
  12. Add Attributes macro

    Started by kazamar‎, 16th May 2015 06:17 pm
    attribute reference, macro, vba
    Last Post: 16th May 2015 06:17 pm
    by kazamar  Go to last post
  13. Thaw most recent fronzen layer....?

    Started by bmw1789‎, 11th Dec 2014 06:40 pm
    Last Post: 11th Dec 2014 07:28 pm
    by nestly  Go to last post

    AutoCAD LT

  14. Run macro from pgp file

    Started by DRBJR45‎, 21st Nov 2014 04:09 pm
    2 Pages
    1 2
    macro, pgp
    Last Post: 26th Nov 2014 09:59 am
    by hmsilva  Go to last post
  15. Electrial Project Settings

    Started by pugpop‎, 30th May 2014 08:25 pm
    activat, electrical, macro, projects, script
    Last Post: 6th Aug 2014 07:37 am
    by pmxcad  Go to last post
  16. Last Post: 8th Feb 2017 02:41 pm
    by dgp  Go to last post
  17. Finding Inertia Values about the centre

    Started by alrighty93‎, 22nd Apr 2014 11:45 pm
    centroid, interia, macro
    Last Post: 4th Sep 2015 04:10 am
    by gtwatson  Go to last post
  18. Redefining a block via a custom marco button

    Started by mrgrotey‎, 28th Mar 2014 09:41 pm
    block, button, filepath, macro, redefine
    Last Post: 28th Mar 2014 09:57 pm
    by mrgrotey  Go to last post
  19. I want to add a macro using a spline command...i think?

    Started by spaulus‎, 14th Mar 2014 04:39 pm
    macro, spline, tool palette
    Last Post: 17th Mar 2014 02:22 pm
    by jnoltremari  Go to last post
  20. Redcorded Macro to shortcut key

    Started by Nobull84‎, 28th Feb 2014 06:56 pm
    cui, macro, recorded, shortcut, tool palette
    Last Post: 28th Feb 2014 07:08 pm
    by Nobull84  Go to last post
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