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OpenLM Utilizer

OpenLM Utilizer is a great tool for system managers who wish to monitor floating license activity, including the ab… more

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Autodesk DWG TrueView

A free DWG viewer from Autodesk. Essentially, a very stripped down AutoCAD that allows DWG files to be viewed, plot… more

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Inventor Topix

Autodesk Inventor Blog for News, Tips & Tricks.

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NTCoding CAD Programs

Hobbyist Nick has created some CAD applications using C# and .NET for you all to enjoy.

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SimpleCAD - AutoLISP Resources

A basic site with a list of lisp related links and some useful routines for free download.

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North Carolina State University

These excellent tutorials have now been updated for AutoCAD 2000i and are even better than before. Many topics are… more…

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AutoCAD clone based on IntelliCAD technology. No longer free software but very cheap and with a 30-day demo for dow… more

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Cadyou - Free Models - CAD Blocks - Textures

Cadyou is a free, high quality resource for digital designers in architecture, engineering and interior design. We… more

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CadCARD SlideCharts for AutoCAD

Featuring AutoCAD reference, productivity, and training aids, the CadCARD Slidecharts, and wallet-size companion,… more

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A draftsman's notes on AutoCAD, Architecture and Drafting

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