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Autoplant User Forum

Our forum is the largest AutoPLANT user forum on the planet. We featrue Autoplant 2D, 3D, Structural, Administrati… more

Full Listing Visited: 17,719 times | Rated: 10 times | Rating: 70% | Rate this link

Daily Autocad

Daily articles, lessons, news and hints about Autocad, ARX, AutoLISP.

Full Listing Visited: 5,478 times | Rated: 4 times | Rating: 100% | Rate this link

Photoshop Digest

A great site with some really useful photoshop tutorials for free. The site is beautifully designed and the tutoria… more

Full Listing Visited: 4,742 times | Rated: Twice | Rating: 80% | Rate this link

Sdotson Forums

Helpful forum for AutoCAD and Inventor users. Especially Inventor

Full Listing Visited: 3,698 times | Rated: Twice | Rating: 40% | Rate this link

CAD Corner

Lots of free downloads available. Blocks, details, LISP routines etc. CAD Corner - Your Source for Everything CAD!

Full Listing Visited: 4,990 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

Govert's Tools

Govert has made some very useful plotting utilities over the years that he gracouisly allows the public to use. Ba… more

Full Listing Visited: 3,880 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

Liverpool University - Learning AutoCAD

A well written series of notes and tutorials for AutoCAD R14.

Full Listing Visited: 4,934 times | Rated: Once | Rating: 20% | Rate this link


Regarded as one of the world's most innovative web designers, YUGO NAKAMURA is renowned for the wit and complexity… more

Full Listing Visited: 4,018 times | Rated: 3 times | Rating: 47% | Rate this link

Lat/Long to Co-ordinate Converter

A really useful web application that will convert Latitude/Longitude values to WGS84 or OSGB36 co-ordinates. Ideal… more

Full Listing Visited: 3,871 times | Not yet rated | Rate this link

SketchUp Video Tutorials

Fantastic set of tutorials for SketchUp compiled by it's makers. Great support for a great product.

Full Listing Visited: 4,109 times | Rated: Twice | Rating: 100% | Rate this link

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