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Bryce Materials Collection 3


The materials in these collections were created using Bryce's Deep Texture Editor. They are compatible with Bryce 4, Bryce 5 and Bryce 5.5 and are ready to use.

The Collections

Each collection contains a variety of 12 material presets. You can either download just the material you want by clicking on the image or you can download the whole collection in a single Zip file.

Collection 1 Collection 2 Collection 3

Download Collection 3

Download (230KB) (230KB) - Compressed Zip File (contains all 12 materials)

Grass 1.mat (96KB) - Click to download Grass 2.mat (95KB) - Click to download Grass 3.mat (96KB) - Click to download
Grass 1 Grass 2 Grass 3
Moor.mat (96KB) - Click to download Earth.mat (96KB) - Click to download Dried River.mat (91KB) - Click to download
Moor Earth Dried River
Old Granite Kerb.mat (84KB) - Click to download New Granite Kerb.mat (86KB) - Click to download Old Stone.mat (86KB) - Click to download
Old Granite Kerb New Granite Kerb Old Stone
Stone with Lichen.mat (86KB) - Click to download Stone with Moss.mat (86KB) - Click to download Gneiss.mat (82KB) - Click to download
Stone with Lichen Stone with Moss Gneiss

Using the materials

Before you can use these materials you will need to import them. Go the the Materials Library and then click Import on any of the material palletes to add the material to that pallete. Once there, you can apply the material just as you would any other material preset in the library.

Import Material

If you'd like to know more about creating materials using the Deep Texture Editor, have a look at the excellent DTE Tutorial by Walter Vandijck.

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