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Raster Images: Men


Each image is supplied as a pair consisting of the colour image and a mask image. See the Image Masks Tutorial to find out how to combine the two images to create a "cut-out". If you are not sure how to download the images, see the Download Main Page for details.

man-01.jpg man-01m.gif man-02.jpg man-02m.gif
Image: man-01.jpg
Pixels: 285x760
File Size: 64KB
Mask: man-01m.jpg
Pixels: 285x760
File Size: 17KB
Image: man-02.jpg
Pixels: 321x779
File Size: 69KB
Mask: man-02m.jpg
Pixels: 321x779
File Size: 23KB
man-03.jpg man-03m.gif man-04.jpg man-04m.gif
Image: man-03.jpg
Pixels: 252x797
File Size: 67KB
Mask: man-03m.jpg
Pixels: 252x797
File Size: 16KB
Image: man-04.jpg
Pixels: 193x685
File Size: 36KB
Mask: man-04m.jpg
Pixels: 193x685
File Size: 12KB
man-05.jpg man-05m.gif man-06.jpg man-06m.gif
Image: man-05.jpg
Pixels: 373x924
File Size: 141KB
Mask: man-05m.jpg
Pixels: 373x924
File Size: 24KB
Image: man-06.jpg
Pixels: 343x910
File Size: 131KB
Mask: man-06m.jpg
Pixels: 343x910
File Size: 22KB
man-07.jpg man-07m.jpg man-08.jpg man-08m.jpg
Image: man-07.jpg
Pixels: 252x868
File Size: 84KB
Mask: man-07m.jpg
Pixels: 252x868
File Size: 17KB
Image: man-08.jpg
Pixels: 405x564
File Size: 34KB
Mask: man-08m.jpg
Pixels: 405x564
File Size: 10KB

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