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Vector Drawings: AutoCAD 3D Trees


The 3D tree symbols on this page were created using AutoCAD R14 and so are compatible will all higher versions. All drawings are suitable for use as blocks within AutoCAD. The trees have been drawn at an appropriate size in metres. To insert a tree at the default size, simply use the default insert scale factor (1). You can always change the X,Y and Z scale factors later using the Properties command. The trees are all drawn on appropriate layers and are unique to each tree so that canopy colour can be changed independently when more than one tree symbol is used in the same drawing. In each case, the insert base point is at the base of the tree trunk in the centre of the tree.

tree-301.dwg tree-302.dwg
Filename: tree-301.dwg
File Size: 28KB
Filename: tree-302.dwg
File Size: 29KB
tree-303.dwg 3tree-304.dwg
Filename: tree-303.dwg
File Size: 365KB
Filename: tree-304.dwg
File Size: 116KB

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