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  1. PhAntoMAMD

    Paperspace Issue

    I did not try shutting it down... I have done now and surprise surprise, it has corrected itself. I think I was other thinking it way too much and ignored the simplest solution!
  2. Hi All, So I am having an issue that I have never come across before and hoping to get some suggestions here to fix the issue. Basically my usual paperspace template with my titleblock now has really thick lines and the text has become invisible unless you hover over it. Just to clear up a few things: - I have checked my page setup and there is no difference to before and it is set up to match the correct page size. "Plot with plot styles" / "Plot object lineweights" are both turned off. - Lineweights are also turned off. - All layers are switched on and none have been frozen in paperspace / viewport. - No items are on "defpoints" layer. Also just to add that this is now happening to every drawing I am opening which makes me think that it is not related to one specific drawing, as it seems to be an autocad configuration issue. Any help would be hugely appreciated as I have some deadlines to meet and cant be plotting that as my paperspace view! Help please!
  3. PhAntoMAMD

    Hyperlinking to separate drawings

    Ok so turns out I was just being stupid and over thinking this. Simple adding the path with the dwg filename at the end did the job!
  4. Alright so I will try describe this to give as clear a picture as I can as to what I am after! I have an assembly drawing, and in the assembly drawing I have a list of parts, with each part containing information in the relevant columns. Now I would like to add a new column with a link symbol, that should you click on it, opens the separate part drawing. This would make my life a lot easier as then people can just click and find the drawing instead of asking me the whole time to go through the long winded process of locating it on the server!
  5. Hey everyone, So I have a question regarding parameters in a block definition, or more specifically how to constrain parameters. I have attached a PDF showing exactly what I am working on. Basically I have an arm for a monitor which I need to add some parameters to. I need to be able to have a point that I can grab where the "primary grab" is located, and when I grab that I need the arm to pivot at the indicated pivot point, but be restrained by the first arm that is constrained to the circle. Is this possible to do in AutoCAD? Hopefully that makes sense, and really hope that someone can help me out here! Parameter Example.pdf
  6. PhAntoMAMD

    Magic xref lines

    Alright so its all been figured out. You were right about the clipping plane. Never had to use that before so after a bit of searching for clipping planes the command "XCLIPFRAME" and set to "0" worked just perfect. Also sorry for not posting the xref file, as due to the nature of work I could have lost my job for sending it out!
  7. PhAntoMAMD

    Magic xref lines

    there is a layer called "break lines" in the xref but it does nothing switching that layer on or off?
  8. Ok so this one is doing my head in! I am working on a project with multiple levels, and multiple xrefs. Problem I m having is that I keep getting these lines, or what looks like possibly a footprint of something? So I go into the xref to turn the layer off, but the lines are nowhere to be found in the xref drawing!? I have been through all the basics like turning all the layers on and off etc... I will attach an image showing the lines. Any help will be much appreciated!
  9. Checked the hatch boundry and all was ok. Dont know why that happened? But the problem has been solved by restarting the drawing along with alot of overtime!! Thanks for the help.
  10. Its on a seperate layer within the block. Freezing the hatch doesn't work either. The Graphics Card was my initial thought. Its an Nvidia Quadro FX 1000. Ancient Card I know, but it is the only CAD Machine in the office. Would use my Dell XPS Laptop but cant get access onto the company server. Checked the drivers for the Quadro and all seem to be up to date.
  11. I have tried activating the viewport, and changing the hatch scale, and that doesn't work. I have even changed the hatch from solid to a normal ANSI31 Hatch. Nothing works. I have attached an image excluding the titleblock and job details for obvious reasons, but that is what appears in paperspace.
  12. Hi All. Having some issues with paperspace. I am working on a fairly detailed drawing, with numerous layers and blocks within blocks. When I am in model space the building layout is perfect, and all is how I want it. But as soon as I go into paperspace with my company page setup, a huge "blotch" like solid hatch appears. I have tried everything from exploding the block, and then blocking it up again, to even auditing the drawing. Nothing Works!! I am on a fairly tight deadline, so any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks