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  1. Will one of the Gurus here explain the procedure tor converting a dxf file drawn in AutoCAD into a pse file. The pse file is to be used in a laser engraver. The laser engraver will not recognize a dxf file. Thank you, Andrew
  2. eldon, The commands work perfectly! Thank you so much!
  3. SLW210, Thanks for your response. I wanted to go back to v 14, however the v 14 that I have only saves in dwg, and my Laser Engraver vendor can't read dwg. how are you saving in v 12 by dxf? My v 2000 and on saves in dxf
  4. Would any of the Gurus here have an idea why dxf files drawn in AutoCAD 2018 would be any different from a dxf file drawn in AutoCAD 2000? I am having grief with some Wire EDM vendors and Laser Engraving vendors recognizing dxf files drawn in v2018, and not so much if they are drawn in v2000. Their software is unable to read the dxf files for some reason. Thank you, Andrew
  5. Hello, I am making a company logo, and I need to do some lettering in AutoCAD and save the lettering as a dxf file. I need to know where to find the fonts so that I can make the lettering close to the sample given to me. I have access to AutoCAD 2000, 2007, and 2018. I need to keep changing fonts until I come close to what I need. Believe it or not for the several years I've used AutoCAD and all the lettering I have added to drawings, I never once changed the font, I don't even know where they are or how to access them. Thank you, Andrew Gotchofsky
  6. Can someone please tell me the step by step procedure to snap the circle on the right to the tangents of the other two circles? Thank you Andy Gotchofsky Tangency.dwg
  7. gotchy

    Why is an option not allowed?

    I have two separate sketches. After I exit the second sketch, (profile), is when I need the option to select Swept Boss Base, and it is at this point that I do not have the option.
  8. gotchy

    Why is an option not allowed?

    yes I do, and I exited the sketch both times
  9. gotchy

    Why is an option not allowed?

    Hello all, I am in the process of modeling a spring in Solidworks 2008. My question is why should I not have the option to use Swept Boss Base after I exit a sketch? What is the principle involved here. The option is greyed out. Is there something else I must do. I have made this spring many times before and cannot remember having this problem. Thank you in advance, Andrew Gotchofsky
  10. Please tell me how to eliminate my crosshairs from snapping to a grid that is not displayed. I am using AutoCAD 2000 if it matters. thank you, gotchy
  11. How do I correct the GUI on my AutoCAD program? The instructions are hidden below the task bar on the command line. Thank you, Gotchy
  12. gotchy

    jumpy mouse cursor

    F-9 key did the trick, thank you! gotchy