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  1. I want to move an object down and align with an angled object. I don't know how to do this easily. I've always drawn a vertical line, and trim it at the two lines. Then I use that line to snap to to get my alignment. I can't use perpendicular because then my object will have shifted to the rights. Is there an easier way?
  2. guitarguy1685

    I know this has been asked a thousand times....

    Oh I see. Too bad the boss doesn't see the utility of it. I used to work at a curtain wall company and had an extensive BoM excel sheet for fasteners. This was linked to tables on our sheets. But I also had free reign to do what I wanted.
  3. guitarguy1685

    I know this has been asked a thousand times....

    Maybe I don't understand the issue, but have you tried linking an excel range to a table in autocad? This seems to simple a solution so I probably missed something.
  4. There used to be a page on Autodesk website that went through starting with .Net for AutoCAD. That link is dead. Does anyone else have any other resources? https://www.autodesk.com/developer-network/my-first-plug-in/autocad
  5. When you are submitting a job for it's 1st revision and you have new sheets, do you cloud the sheet number and add a revision mark (Rev 1) even though nothing on the sheet has changed, its just new?
  6. Does anyone have an easy way for deleting ACAD generated icons in the "Images" folder of the "ToolPalette" folder that are no longer used? I seem to have a large amount of icons that are no longer in use. I don't think ACAD is purging these files, and I don't know which ones are being used.
  7. guitarguy1685

    Need help on how to model this shape

    So I think I got it solved. I don't know if this is the correct way to do it but it seems to have worked. Using your method ReMark this is what I did. I started with the 1st section, then picked the rest. I used the Point option to select the end of the Loft Next I used the Guide options and used the 2 ellipse arcs. I added a 3rd guide for the top. This gave me my shape but with some excess at the bottom, I just sliced this off and voila! I have my shape. I superimposed my wireframe over it to do some spot checking and it looks good. screen shot https://i.imgur.com/YXPZ4QR.png?1 Thanks for the direction ReMark. I was really stuck there lol. I learn something new everyday!
  8. guitarguy1685

    Need help on how to model this shape

    So I'm getting closer. I can get all the other areas to fit my curve but im still getting a bludge at the last section. This time I picked all the cross sections I created, then I used POINT to select the end. Then I used Guides and selected the Ellipse. It's the last section that is still getting me.
  9. guitarguy1685

    Need help on how to model this shape

    Okay, so I think i see what you did. It looks good in elevation but in plan it does not follow the arc. See image below https://imgur.com/TiobLBW So I picked the first section, used the Point command to select the end of the loft, then I used the ellipse as the guide (I split it in half because I was getting an error otherwise) You can see it dips under my curve at the beginning then it bulges out.
  10. guitarguy1685

    Need help on how to model this shape

    SAVAGE! lol. So how did you do this? I see the point option. I don't know what to do with this. I still end up with an open end.
  11. H]I consider myself pretty decent at modeling but this shape has me at a loss. I feel like I was on the right track but can't complete the shape. Please see the image in the link below. https://i.imgur.com/vPh8B2f.png In elevation, the shape is half of an ellipse. In plan I created the curve using Arc->End->Direction. I divided this geometry into 10 equal parts to create the shapes for lofting. So the first shape is an Arc with Chord that is 152.4X7. Each successive shape just gets smaller but at the end I have no shape because width and hight went to zero (feels like a calculus problem). so i have no shape to end my loft. So i'm left with the image you see. I thought I could grab the face and pull it and let autocad fill in the geometry. But autocad wont continue the curve of the ellpse. so It leaves me with the image you see far left. I dont know where to go from here. See attachment here. Solid Face.dwg
  12. guitarguy1685

    Adding Tools to Toolpalette for all Users

    That sounds like a pretty good idea. I'll give it a shot, thanks!
  13. I am having trouble with how ACAD places new tools on existing tool palettes. The way we have it set is the Toolpalette library is stored on our Server. However we have some users that are always in the office and some that travel. So to make things simpler we download all these files to everyones local. My issue: We have several ToolPalettes currently setup. We need to add some new items to existing palettes. I want to add a tool near the top of the list of tools. When I make the changes and save them to the server and then load them onto a test computer the new item is at the very end of the tools. What I think is happening is that the location of the tools are saved by the Users Profile. So while the palettes are locked you can still move the tools around and your profile saves its location. The only way I can force the desired order is to remove the palette path and then remap it. I'd have to do this for all users ;( Is there an easier way to do this?
  14. guitarguy1685

    Dynamic Block Array for Fastener

    That's pretty clever. thanks for your help guys.