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  1. hanz007

    .NCP to .DFX or .DWG

    Would anyone here know of a program that can do such conversions?
  2. hanz007

    3D rendering

    Thank-you very much.
  3. Hello; I'd like to save my picture in its' rendered state. I saved the image using "saving", as a tiff file. But when I view the pic in another program, It ALWAYS shows up as a wire frame. The only rendered view I can seem to keep is the "hide" function. Any suggestions?
  4. hanz007

    3d face

    Thank-you very much!
  5. hanz007

    3d face

    Yes a vport toolbar.
  6. hanz007

    3d face

    Yes it is a 3d rectangle.
  7. hanz007

    3d face

    Hello again; Just wondering if I can change different sides of my object into different views? I'd like to change the objects' top view to right.
  8. hanz007

    CAD version

    If no one minds. I was curious what type of job field people here are working in? I'm in manufacturing myself. Designing fitness equipment. Can anyone recommend a more suitable software then cad?
  9. hanz007

    drawing objects in 3d

    THANK-YOU Mark!! Your always a huge help!!
  10. hanz007

    drawing objects in 3d

    Never tried that yet. This is done how?LOL
  11. When drawing objects into a 3d picture. Is there a way to have the object always have the same orientation as the view in the viewport? I might be too vague here. I'm drawing a circle into a tube viewed SE ISO. But the circle always shows up vertical. Even when I draw it in the top view.
  12. hanz007


    Hi ReMark. I tried it again with a new drawing I just did using polylines and it worked. I believe there is a command to change a drawing to polylines? OK PEDIT. This worked out fine. As always, thank-you for your help! Problem resolved!
  13. hanz007


    Hello again all I would like to extrude a small 2d bracket. When I enter the command, I'm asked for the height. I enter in .188 Then asked for angle of taper. This is just a strait up flat bracket, with 90* angles on the sides. Any idea what I should enter? 2000i seems less friendly for 3d.
  14. hanz007

    Outline block

    WHOO!! I got it to work! Thank-you for all you help people!
  15. hanz007

    Outline block

    Humm, got an vector image changed into a .dfx drawing. But the size is WAY to big. Just need to scale it down into something smaller. Just curious but, has anyone ever done anything like this before?