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  1. Thanks for sharing, CALCAD. Isometric and 3D are two different things.
  2. kramerO

    AutoCAD Block Insertion using Custom menus

    Image Tile Menus are superior to tool palettes.
  3. kramerO


    I think I may have found the answer.
  4. kramerO


    I keep getting a plot.log file even though I do not have the "Automatically save plot and publish log" box checked in the Plot and Publish tab of the Options menu in AutoCAD 2005. I have searched the registry for a key without success. Is there another place to set this option?
  5. kramerO

    syntax error

    GP_, That was it. Thank you very much. kramerO
  6. kramerO

    syntax error

    This code is from May 1993 Cadalyst Magazine's AUTOLISP TOOLBOX. I get error: syntax error when I appload it. I was hoping Hot Tip Harry or someone would take a look at it and report where the problem is. There are three drawings used with the lisp that I can post if needed. Thanks, ;; ANCHOR.LSP Copyright (c) Barry R. Bowen 1993 (defun C:ANCHOR (/ ANS EL EL1 SZ MPT PLBL BL1 TL BT PT 1 PT2 PT3 PT3A HSZ PT3AA PT3B PT3BB PT4 PT5 PT6 PT5A PT6A PT7 SS1 ANG PT10 PT11 PT12 PT13 PT14) (V3) (setq CL (getvar "clayer") EL (entlast)) (if (= EL nil) (progn (command "point" "0,0") (setq EL (entlast)))) (initget (+ 2 4)) (setq SZ (getdist "\nSize <3/4>: ")) (if (not SZ) (setq SZ 0.75)) (initget 1) (setq MPT (getpoint "\nStart of Enbed Point: ")) (initget (+ 2 4)) (setq PL (getdist "\nProjection Length <3>: ")) (if (not PL) (setq PL 3.0)) (setq BL (+ PL 12.0) BL1 (rtos BL 4 2)) (initget (+ 2 4)) (setq BL1 (getdist (strcat "\nTotal Bolt Length <" BL1 ">: "))) (if (/= BL1 nil) (setq BL BL1)) (initget (+ 2 4)) (setq TL (getdist (strcat "\nThread Length <" (rtos PL 4 1) ">: "))) (if (not TL) (setq TL PL)) (initget "S J") (setq BT (getkword "\nBolt Type [std/J]: <Std> ")) ; -------------------- Std Anchor Bolt --------------------------- (setq PT2 (polar MPT (D90) PL) PT1 (polar PT2 (D270) BL) HSZ (/ SZ 2.0) PT3 (polar PT2 (D270) TL) PT3A (polar PT3 0 HSZ) PT3AA (polar MPT 0 HSZ) PT3B (polar PT3 pi HSZ) PT3BB (polar MPT pi HSZ) PT4 (polar PT1 0 HSZ) PT5 (polar PT2 0 HSZ) PT5A (polar PT3AA (D90) (+ 0.25 SZ)) PT6 (polar PT2 pi HSZ) PT6A (polar PT3BB (D90) (+ 0.25 SZ)) PT7 (polar PT1 pi HSZ) ) (LS "ANCHOR" "3" "") (setq SS1 (ssadd)) (initget "Y N") (setq ANS (getkword "\nAdd Nut & Washer <Y>: ")) (if (or (= ANS "Y") (= ANS nil)) (progn (command "insert" "AWASH" MPT SZ 1 0 "insert" "ANUT" (polar MPT (D90) 0.25) SZ SZ 0) ) ) ; ------------------ "J" Type Anchor Bolt ------------------------- (if (= BT "J") (progn (grdraw PT4 PT5 5) (grdraw PT5 PT6 5) (grdraw PT6 PT7 5) (setvar "orthomode" 1) (initget 1) (setq PT (getpoint PT1 "\nHook Length: ")) (setq ANG (angle PT1 PT)) (if (= ANG 0) (setq PT10 (polar PT7 (D270) SZ)) (setq PT10 (polar PT4 (D270) SZ)) ) (setq PT11 (polar PT (D270) HSZ) PT12 (polar PT (D90) HSZ) PT13 (polar PT4 (D90) HSZ) PT14 (polar PT7 (D90) HSZ)) (if (= ANG 0) (command "pline" PT3A "w" 0 0 PT13 PT12 "") (command "pline" PT3B "w" 0 0 PT14 PT12 "") ) (command "fillet" "r" SZ "fillet" "P" PT12 "fillet" "r" 0 "offset" SZ PT12 PT11 "" "line" PT11 PT12 "") ) (progn (command "insert" "AHEAD" PT1 SZ SZ 0 "line" PT4 PT3A "" "line" PT7 PT3B "") )) (command "snap" "r" PT3A 0) (if (= ANS "N") (progn (LS "layer" "ANCHOR" "3" "") (command "pline" PT3A "w" 0 0 PT5 PT6 PT3B "c") (LS "THREAD" "1" "") (command "hatch" "TRANS" "2" 0 (entlast) "") ) (progn (LS "ANCHOR" "3" "") (command "pline" PT3A "w" 0 0 PT3AA PT3BB PT3B "c") (LS "THREAD" "1" "") (command "hatch" "TRANS" "2" 0 (entlast) "") (LS "ANCHOR" "3" "") (command "pline" PT5A "w" 0 0 PT5 PT6 PT6A "c") (LS "THREAD" "1" "") (command "hatch" "TRANS" "2" 0 (entlast) "") ) ) (command "snap" "r" "0,0" 0) (S3 EL) (if (= BT "J") (progn (setq EL (entlast)) (initget "Y N") (setq ANS (getkword "\nMirror Bolt <Y>: ")) (if (or (= ANS "Y") (= ANS nil)) (progn (setq MPT1 (getpoint "\nFirst Mirror Point: ") MPT2 (getpoint MPT1 "\nSecond Mirror Point: ")) (command "mirror" SS1 "" MPT1 MPT2 "n"))) ) (command "copy" SS1 "" MPT pause) ) (command "redraw") (RL) (V4) ) ; ------------------------- S3 ----------------------------- (defun S3 (EVAR1) (setq SS1 (ssadd) EN1 (entnext EVAR1)) (while EN1 (setq SS1 (ssadd EN1 SS1) EN1 (entnext EN1)) ) ) (defun D90 () (* pi 0.5)) (defun D270 () (* pi 1.5)) ; ------------------------ V3.LSP -------------------------- (defun V3 () (setq BM (getvar "blipmode")) ;Current Blipmode setting (setvar "blipmode" 0) ;Turn Blips off (setvar "cmdecho" 0) ;Turn command echo off (command "undo" "group") ;Necessary for correct UNDO ;of program being executed ) ; ------------------------ V4.LSP -------------------------- (defun V4 (/ BA) (setvar "blipmode" BM) ;Reset to original setting (command "undo" "end") ;End of UNDO sequence (prompt "\n") ;New line (setq BA "Program Completed. . . . .") ;Prints string ) ; ------------------------- LS ----------------------------- ; Layer search command for creating new layers. (defun LS (NLAY CLR LT) (setq LAY (tblsearch "layer" NLAY)) (if (not LAY) (command "layer" "m" NLAY "c" CLR "" "lt" LT "" "");True (progn (setq FRZ (cdr (assoc 70 LAY))) (if (= FRZ 65) (progn (command "layer" "t" NLAY "") (command "layer" "s" NLAY "") ) (command "layer" "s" NLAY "") ;False )) ) ) ; -------------------------- RL ---------------------------- ; Resets the previous layer to the current layer. ; (defun RL () (command "layer" "s" CL "")) (prompt "\nAnchor Bolt Program Loaded........") (prompt "\nCopyright Barry R. Bowen 1993") (princ); end
  7. alanjt, I didn't have any doubts you would reattach the code once you knew it was missing. I just wanted to use "Where's the beef?"
  8. kramerO

    Convert spline into polyline.

  9. kramerO

    double line piping

    Sorry rkent. Typo on link. Edited post.
  10. kramerO

    double line piping

    Bill, Try Russ Steffy's Pipe.LSP http://www.spaug.org/LISP_Index01.Html I have my acad.mln set up for piping. See attachement. Add (setvar "cmljust" 1) to your acaddoc.lsp and the justification will be set for middle when you start your drawing. Also, BBDpiping has uploaded a bunch of blocks here: kramerO acad.mln.zip
  11. kramerO

    Mirror LISP help

    Lee Mac, Now I have to revise the toolbar I made for this routine (AutoCAD 2005) to have a button for each of the 4 different commands. Thanks, kramerO
  12. kramerO

    Mirror LISP help

    Lee Mac, I've been using this routine all day long creating a couple hundred blocks. It saved me a lot of time. Thanks much. Cad-n-ator, Thank you for starting the thread that got this great tool. kramerO
  13. kramerO

    How to draw pipes... just pipes..

    abc_123, Your pics are of tube NOT pipe. If I had to draw this for a fitter to make, I would do it single line isometric. That is the easiest way to show and dimension the rolling offsets. Pipe.lsp is for pipe. Did you follow the procedure for loading the lisp?
  14. kramerO

    How to draw pipes... just pipes..

    PIPE.LSP has option for Drawing Units (millimeters or inches).