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  1. dirkvandonkelaar

    Dynamic dynamic block

    From what I can see, making 16 visibilities in a block with each single visibility in the nested block should work. Maybe it can be done easier, but this is the workaround I always use.
  2. dirkvandonkelaar

    Drawing area too small?

    As Tyke mentioned, the limits command sets the limits for the drawing area. These limits are given in the drawing template you open when you start drawing. To prevent changing the limits every time you make a new drawing, open the drawing template (.dwt) file, thange the limits in that file and save it.
  3. dirkvandonkelaar

    Problem with Dimensions

    The problem is that your dimensions aren't associative. When they are, the dimension takes the viewport scale as its primary unit. The easiest way of solving this is dimension in model space ,but if you don't want to do that, try snapping the object endpoints eg. when dimensioning. Snapping can be done, before clicking the points you wanted, by holding shift en right-click, click the snapping point you want and than snap to the point of the object. You can also enable the snapping toolbar. I hope I helped you with your problem.
  4. dirkvandonkelaar

    Print Pen Settings

    You can make some lines the color and/or lineweight that's listed in the table, print the drawing and you have your drawing with lineweights.
  5. dirkvandonkelaar

    3d View.

    That's right, only it won't work if the model is a bit complex, like a house or a closet.
  6. dirkvandonkelaar

    3d View.

    You can do this in several ways. 1. Make a layout and choose the view (plan or elevation). 2. You can make a flatshot from the plan or elevation in the model view. When you need help with 3D, viewing or flatshot, don't be afraid and just reply
  7. dirkvandonkelaar

    annotative text issue

    the command is "annoallvisible" you need to set this to 0. When you had this set to 1, try to set it to 0, maybe your problem is solved.
  8. Hi, I have a simple question. Is there a back-end solution for Autodesk Showcase? My problem is that my pc not to powerfull is and the server to powerfull is for the work it's doing. I like to let the server do the rendering for me. Is this possible? Thanks in advance, Dirkvandonkelaar P.S. excuse me for language mistakes.
  9. dirkvandonkelaar

    word and excel documents

    You can import Excel as a reference, so you can edit the excel sheet in excel and in AutoCAD and the sheet will be updated in both CAD and excel. Here is how you do it: First you excecute the command "Table" Then you select "From a data link" Then browse for a data link Then create a new data link Click "Browse for an file" and browse to the file you want to insert. Press 3x OK and insert your table. Now your table is the excel sheet. When you changed it in Excel, you can type "DATALINKUPDATE" to update the file in AutoCAD. I hope i've helped you out.
  10. dirkvandonkelaar

    how to delete a hatch island?!

    Have you tried turning off island detection?
  11. dirkvandonkelaar

    Pat files

    Sorry for the 2009 issue, i meant 2012. When you type %AppData%, the computer automatically forwards you to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\roaming\ My excuses for the inconvenience.
  12. dirkvandonkelaar

    Pat files

    Actually it won't, because i run on x64 and this path works for me.
  13. dirkvandonkelaar

    Pat files

    You should find the support folder here: Press "Windows"+R, or "run" Then type: %AppData%\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2009\R18.2\enu\Support You'll be brought to the support folder from autocad 2009
  14. dirkvandonkelaar

    ctb style object lineweights

    Using Firefox, but a few minutes later it was fixes for no reason
  15. dirkvandonkelaar


    I've "walked" a bit through the forum and noticed the codes are shown as plain text. Except that, it looks good to me