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  1. bennyboy86

    Windows 10 Transfer to USB Slow

    hey fellas, ok computer is compatible with usb 2 and 3, the flash drives in question are the same can be used as both. tried plugging into the usb 2 and 3 ports but having same issue. i think i have it set for performance as that was one of the steps to 'fixing' it. transfer rates dont get over 10mbps. computer specs in attached pic. this is all i could find for fixes: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-files-winpc/copy-speed-very-slow-in-windows-10/950c8f96-d9de-41e2-8d35-977944eb5c01 https://www.tenforums.com/performance-maintenance/70210-slow-data-copy-paste-speeds-windows-10-a.html its a brand new computer on got it built in December last year. any ideas for me to try would be appreciated.
  2. bennyboy86

    Windows 10 Transfer to USB Slow

    hi team, i have a new computer and have noticed its slow as **** copy files to a usb stick. windows 10 64 Bit........ basic flash drive..... trying to find new answers as everything online is 4 years old or more and those setting dont exist or just dont work.... any ideas please.....
  3. bennyboy86

    inserting PDF's into Revit

    Hello all, is it possible to insert PDF's into Revit as an underlay? from what I can find out its a big fat no, but wanted to check here. using revit 2015 release 13. Thanks all.
  4. bennyboy86

    Revit Training Manual

    so just refreshing on this post.... been in new company for about 3 months and using revit full time, all going well, I ended up going to book depository and bought Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016, pretty helpful use it often to get me through a few issues I have come up against. but luckily for me the drafting team leader here is fantastic and good teacher so has made the transition from cad to Revit fairly easy.
  5. bennyboy86

    Revit Training Manual

    yep structural where i live practically they want a fully trained revit person, i have had several interviews and im perfect in all ways except very limited revit..... really painful when been working hard at a job i have always wanted and love to get shot down like that. but finally found a company who will train people. not sure if its just the market at the moment where i live from talking to recruiters if i wanted to move to another state down south could easy get one, but im settled with my wife and kids and love where i live, so not an option.
  6. bennyboy86

    Revit Training Manual

    thanks mate, pretty happy about it.
  7. bennyboy86

    Revit Training Manual

    ok great will look into that, good news for me is just accepted a new job and they going to train me in revit, finally a company that is willing to do that, talked to like 6-10 who just wanted the experienced people well there arent that many of them here where i live so was quite annoying have 10 years experience and means nothing, but these guys will train me so happy days, but i want a book so can work out stuff on my own without annoying the senior revit guys to much, i learn best figuring out stuff on my own.
  8. bennyboy86

    Revit Training Manual

    hi all, so i have done an online training course for revit witch contained only videos which was fine, but i wondering is there a downloadable training book? im old school and would rather read it. thanks for your help.
  9. bennyboy86

    Hiding .BAK files

    fantastic thanks blackbox, that has done it!!
  10. bennyboy86

    Hiding .BAK files

    i have tried sorting by type, when sort with .bak files as first, its all in order 1 -10, but when sort with DWG on top it goes 10 - 1, no matter i pick or try this is always the case, as i stated in my original message this option does not work main reason why i am asking for help. i am looking for something not found by just googling it or using the standard old methods as i have done that. using windows 7 and autocad 2014. So your saying autocad will deliberately corrupt my drawings if dont use .bak files? then why can i chose to not create .bak files? seems a bit pointless.
  11. Hello just wondering if there is anyway of hiding the .bak files. as becoming painful with my folders, when have anything over 10 drawings have to scroll down. if i try and sort by type it puts the DWGs to the top yes but they are backwards 10, 9 ,8 etc instead of 1,2 ,3. so can i hide the .bak file and not have it turn on, tried right clicking and making file hidden but as soon as i save the dwg the bak is back. if cant find solution will just turn of creating bak files. thanks for the help
  12. bennyboy86

    installing revit issues

    hi all, just downloaded and installed revit 2016 with the free educational license, 3GB download and 30min install all good, then it asked me to restart computer and thats where it all failed, computer hung at the windows startup screen, in the end i have had to restore my computer, in doing so removing revit and the download files.......anyone else have issues with that before? cause i dont want to waste another 3GB download if going to happen again. want educational as gives my 3 years not 30 days as im going to be playing with it at home and not in a work environment need lots of time.....
  13. lol yep lucky was a bit slow yesterday so had time to play with it, but yeah just before closed up for the day, i went to restore back but nice little button they offered all you have to do is tell them why your going back to previous copy, happy to be back to 7 and all is well....... normally i dont have an issue when upgrading operating systems this is a first. im one of those loser who installs the latest ios for my iphone as soon as available but never had any problems.... so my advice is wait for autodesk to check and offer patch if required... and yes i was the official tester for the office, and that one issue put grinding halt to others updating for now.
  14. hi all, so installed windows 10 this morning, everything was going fine until i tried to save a new drawing.......wont let me pick location other then what has opened up.....also if try and xref in a drawing cant even try and go to another folder.... so not sure if i should restore computer back to 07 or leave it.....burned 1.5hrs this moring installing it so dont want to waste more time but if cad isnt coming out with anything may not have a choice, as noticed no autocad are officially compatible with windows 10.
  15. ok after fixing my earlier problem can finally upload a DWG. so i am making some new dynamic blocks for the company i now work for, have attached a basic wall shelf which i want to be able to stretch, but once it extends past 1800mm need to add an extra support. have already got the stretch in place. im pretty sure i can make it do this but i can not remember how to do it. thanks in advance to any help given. 2 TIER SHELF.dwg