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  1. Hello. I have a polyline which consists of straight lines and curves in 2D enviroment. I want to extract some coordinates. I usually use block refferences and "dataextraction" command. However, the problem is as follows: I need to mark many things along the polyline's way at no constant intervals (not possible to "measure" it) If I have "osnap" on, I can't hit the spots I like for obvious reasons. If I have "osnap" off, I can't place the object accurately on polyline's way. So, what I need is: how to allign multiple blocks to a said polyline. Allignment needs to be done as accurate as possible, prefferably perpendicularly to closest tangent of polyline. If there are other solutions to this problem (as in topic) please do post them aswell. Thank you in advance for your time. cheers Jerzy B.
  2. Hello. Drawing: line, arc, line. arc was defined with line's end points and radius, so I'm positive that this drawing is continous. Steps I take: pedit click do you wish to turn into polyline y j Select objects: 1 found Select objects: 1 found, 2 total [enter] Select objects: 0 segments added to polyline [enter] What am I doing wrong? I had no problem turning other arcs into polyline... cheers Furion
  3. Furion

    Point coordinates extraction

    Thank you for your replies. @Bigal I think you wanted to say DATAEXTRACTION ? I manage to accomplish my task with this command, however I had to use additional blocks to do that, since I can't extract section's coordinates directly with this command. I had blocks put in section's start/end point first, then extract the coordinates of those blocks. Is there any way to do it faster, perhaps with skipping the stage of adding blocks to points of my intrest? cheers Furion
  4. Hello. I have a drawing which consists of lines and blocks. I need to write down the (x,y) coordinates of each point of my intrest. I expect results to be copy-paste'able, txt or plain text preffered. How should I do that? I guess there is a build-in command for this, I fail to google it though. Please help! Thank you in advance! cheers Furion
  5. Furion

    How to stretch lines by a factor?

    Thanks! Much appreciated!
  6. Hello, 1st post on forum so warm greetings to everyone. The question as in topic. I have a few horizontal lines parallel to each other. I'd like to make all of those horizontal lines longer by multiplying their length by a factor (let's say 2) The scale command doesn't work as I intent, since it makes the spacing between those lines "x" times greater as well. Which command should I use? Help much appreciated, cheers Furion