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  1. sham


    Area Can any one help me for this problem. Today i Get new Drawing then i tried to find out the area of certain room. Then The Room less than 10 m2 is ok but the area more than 10 m2 meter is coming like this area 1.03310963E+07. can any one know how to change this setting. thanks
  2. Thank you very much for your help
  3. sham

    Hatching and gaps

    Thank you very much for every one for your help i from uae
  4. thanks for this. but i have tried this but this cannot help me what i need is my engineering dimension is like "4'14 insead of 14'4"
  5. Thank you very much. how i can know my Drawing error.
  6. can any one help me to solve this problem. I have attach one drawing if you open and copy this from one place to place then dimension is automatically increases. can i know how this increase or what type of this dimension it is. thanks a lot copy this .dwg
  7. can any help to solve this problem. Normally dimension in engineering value come like this 14'4" but my come 4"14' how to solve this thanks a lot
  8. sham

    Hatching and gaps

    Thank you a lot. i have tried this but this not work
  9. sham

    Hatching and gaps

    i am new user of auto cad and some i face some problem in working. one problem is that if copy any drawings then the dimension automatically changes. please to know that thanks and Regards 115550-2011.dwg