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  1. Thanks for the info , I usually do what you had advised. Is just this Engineer was really head ache, I did told them last year don't messed around with drawings when you are not familar workig with AutoCad. He started the drawings and gave it to me for fixing what a DUMB BOY!! My thoughts about how he ended damaging the Cad files was that he maybe tried to fix the Block text or adding something in it, after saving it maybe the Annotaions Scale at the lower portion are open, so when he save it all the text absorbed all the annotation scale BOOM , it whack the entire drawings.
  2. Thanks for advised, I always back up my drawings but the one he messed up is his drawings (He started working in it) , The Senior Engineer just asked me to fixed it. Then it becames my work after fixing it. I do saved my drawings in my Hard drive and my Stick , wherever goes wrong I have my Back up files.
  3. Don't want to teach a hard headed Engineer, but this afternoon He just heard my side about Annotation Scale that It must be in gray color or Off before changing all the text or copying and modifying it. he might get what I talking about.
  4. Yes I did save as to 2013 and open it in Version 2017 that's solved the Problem looks like 2018 Version had a Bug in it? But if I go in Model space there's still some texts that are still small and big as well. But if I Publish , there's no more problem it maintains it's heights. Thanks.
  5. This is not the first time He(Engineer) used the AutoCad 2018 to Modified our drawings, He just a Stupid Junior Engineer , sorry for my wordings, I sent a message to the Owner of the company that he should not be working with this kind of work, He should be working in designing. If I gonna open the back up files BAK file it will be a more work for me because I had Modified a lot of the designed he made, the Senior Engineer just gave me the mark ups and I did changed all of he's Design so I cannot use the BAK file . I can print it individually after I changed all Blocks Texts but if I gonna use the command PUBLISH , it will not let me print a good drawings , All texts were scattered and small texts. These drawings have 8 sheet, which is very tedious work. All drawings were a huge messed. I can't attached the files here because it's company Policy and confidential. I 'm thinking of saving as in 2017 because I did read some of the Problem here are kinda matches what happen to my drawings. AutoCad 2018 have a BUG. Or just that the Engineer really don't know what he's doing? I hope someone can help me Thanks.
  6. I had a problem with annotation, Our Engineer who is not familiar with AutoCAD made a changes by himself, then when I open it, All Block text got wild I mean all Block texts are small or huge, if you click them they have annotation of all such as scale of 1:1, 1:10,1:201:1000 and more? Now I did some changes but when I open it, it comes back the same-- small and huge Block Texts? Is there any solution on these problems, Thanks in advance. We have to submit dwg files this project in City Permit and to Hydro Company. And also If I do Published it will show up small tect and big text(Block) But if I do single printing it's good to go?
  7. I did tried this solution but it will not hide all the sewage, and telephone lines? Need to be the lines behind the box --Concrete with ducts must be hidden.
  8. I'll let you know , because the Engineer gave another work so I have to stop this project , maybe tommorow will continue it Thanks again I appreciate it so much but will try tomorrow.
  9. kinda little confused , is it possible you can have some image to show what is the explanation above or maybe tomorrow you can sed over some files such as dwg files Thanks for responding
  10. I did but the whole small box with ducts doesn't show -- means all the entire box were empty nada not showing. It wipeout all the box. try to test it two vieports and in middle is the Wipeout there will be no drawings at all. I even use VPClip , but Viewport #1 was entirely not showing up it clipped the entire drawings? Any more sugeestions? Thanks. Thank you very much for the responds I hope someone can help me with this problem?
  11. Paperspace and Viewport is a STD way to work on. we do work on Paperspace all the time. I had done what you said I have three xref ovelapping each other. I cannot use wipeout the object because it will show on the other sheets -- wipeout area ?I used also xclip in xref but totally not necessary and layer freezed for every Viewport (layers that were not use--freeze it). I atatched the dwg in Pdf files. Above.
  12. I cannot freeze all the object I wanted to hide, Just a Portion that is showing in Viewport #2 , The drawings that I doing right now were all xref , so drawing sheet #1 , #2 and #3 had all the drawings. I did was to layer freezed what I don't want it on every sheets. But in Drawing 3 there's a Viewport #1 and #2 which I need to hide a portion only (Viewport #2) . Thanks. Is there a button for attaching the Pdf dwg that I working so I can show it to you? 455-U07-02161 R 1.0-Sheet 4.pdf
  13. I don't need to freeze the objects I need only a portion of the objects freeze or hide it? Can't find the attach button in order for me to show or attached a Pdf showing the two View port?
  14. Hi to all, Need some help again, I wanted to hide object from Viewport #1 to Viewport #2 , I mean two Viewport overlapped each other but need to hide object of Viewport #1 from Viewport #2 , I can't use the Wipeout command and I tried VPClip but there's no vise versa command for Clipping the Viewport? Any ideas for hiding the object of Viewport #1?
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