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  1. thereclinerman5

    cnc nesting

    thanks for the reply. i have used autocad to help nest because i can rotate, mirror, copy, and move objects. the problem i am having is maintaining the space between the objects. i thought that could be done with constraints, however i am not that proficient in autocad. i was trying to add the spacing to the objects by offsetting the shape by the amount of the spacing i needed and then moving the objects to the correct place. the nesting programs i looked at are expensive and do not offer the fine control that autocad does. have to keep playing with it. lol thanks
  2. i am trying to find out how to use autocad to nest objects for cutting on a cnc machine. it would require a lengthy discussion and i dont know if this is a appropriate forum for it. if someone could point me in the right direction, i would appreciate it. thanks
  3. thereclinerman5

    autocad 2012 student version

    somehow i have changed how the ribbon buttons are displayed. instead of being expanded and showing all the commands on the button, it only shows the button tittle. one of then shows "DRAW" . when i click on it, it shows all the sub commands. how do i get it to expand and show all the subcommands without clicking on it. it was showing them before, however, i changed a setting and cannot find it. thanks
  4. thereclinerman5

    nesting parts

    that looks exactly like what i need. question is, how did you do it. thanks for the help jim
  5. thereclinerman5

    nesting parts

    600_2_BACK_UPRIGHT.dxf here is a file to look at. thanks
  6. thereclinerman5

    nesting parts

    i am trying to use autocad to nest parts for cutting on a cnc machine. is there any way to make a 2d part have a projected boundry of say .5 inches larger than the part so another part cannot nest closer than that. after the nesting is done, the boundry would be removed. the parts are different sizes and shapes so the projected boundry would have to enclose the part. i can upload a part if needed. thanks