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  1. so I printed on another printer......looks like i will have to figure out printer settings as it came out okay on the other machine. thanks for all the help everyone. [will try also the last to convert to tiff but not sure how this would help in anyway].
  2. i should be printing in grayscale....i think.
  3. hi, thanks for the responses this is great! well i tried the 256 bitmap per nicolas but result came out the same. i have attached a snapshot of what i have, you can't tell from whats shown [and i've painted out private info but have bubbled the raster images which show frame around]. the greyish parts don't show up as a pdf or on preview but when they come out of the printer it shows greyish. Could this be a printer issue instead of image? using a commercial canon imagerunner printer/copier at the office. any suggestions?
  4. I'm trying to insert a raster image by just, insert raster image. the image is a jpg. file and is in greyscale. it is a logo. the logo is in black and the background is white. when i insert and print it shows up alright but the parts that are supposed to be white print out as a light grey. Can anyone help with this?