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  1. It is possible to fully customize your keyboard to accept and send any command or combination of commands from any predefined combination of keys such as ( ( ctrl + any key ) ( Alt + any key ) For example I have ( Alt + I ) set up to run the following command on the command line [ Command: ._insert ENTER ]. I also have more complex instructions sent to the command line such as key combination ( Ctrl + ` ) which will send to the command line [ Command: (setq v1 (getvar "osmode"))(setvar "osmode" 1)(COMMAND "LINETYPE" "S" "CONTINUOUS" "" "lINE" PAUSE PAUSE "")(setvar "osmode" v1)(PRIN1) ENTER ] It is very easy to set up the command line to accept any and all key combinations and to run any predefined Lisp. You can bypass or or overwrite any Native Autocad hotkey .pgp definition or CUI key definition with out messing with the CUI at all. This can be done through the OS through low level key hook manipulation. I would be glad to show any one how. If you want to find out more on this subject just google " LE Hotkeymanager 2012" , or Email me and I will explain these short cutting methods for AutoCAD.