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  1. madaryl

    Free Software Links and Info

    hello i got interest in wings3d... i tried the link, but i found no link or icon in where i can download it is it for free? thanks! and merry christmas!
  2. thanks i got it..... I can now create a superscript and subscript... for the other who also want to know how.... for superscript i type daryl 3^ then highlight and riht click on the 3^... the superscript of 3 is done.... for the subscript daryl ^3 highlight the right click the ^3..... for subscript..... Kate M thanks again..... can you share me other character done with stack..... thanks a lot!
  3. thanks but i can't get any of the subscript or superscript with that ^ if i type daryl 3^ i would get the same... as i type in.... using mtext.... the same in single line text is there another way? thanks sorry for the delay of my response.....
  4. hi to all, i got a new job..... all day in front of computer using autocad LT 2000.... most of the time we input a value that has a superscript of sometimes subscript.... what's the easiest way to do this in autocad? thanks a lot in advance!