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  1. I am no expert at AutCAD; however, I've made a few landuse plans here there. This drawing is section a leaf-city that I made, with immense help from the cadtutor members (you can see my past posts), and I had originally left the colouring part because I found it very nuisance colouring the all the objects.. colours.dwg
  2. Can you illustrate about the "inserted raster files"? maybe you can post some link for the purpose. This seems plausible. I want to know if I have to colour my landuse plan what tutorial should I take for this? It's a landuse plan for new development prepared by a local real estate company. Are you saying it's more useful to import you AutoCAD drawing and apply the colours than it is in the other GFX sofware?
  3. Hey everyone ! I really need to know what CAD software is use to make such plans. While it appears to be made in AutoCAD, I can't figure out as to how it has taken this form from the conventional 2d plan with just lines. Patterns and hatches could be the possible application for the outcome; however, I am curious to listen to cadtutor members. Thanks
  4. My work is finished now, thanks to everyone who contributed in this thread, though I am gonna need some quick help. I've got a bit of idea about viewports and now am able to work with them. The thing I have to submit my work by day after tomorrow anyhow. My drawing measures 3610' x 8318', I came to know the guy with plotting guy has a plotter with maximum page capacity of 3.5' x X. Where x means the kind of no limit. I want to print the file on 1" = 200' but don't see the required page size i.e. 4.62' x 2'. I am not sure about page customization. Some urgent help would be appreciated. Thanks !
  5. Well, i want to provide some apartments buildings, such that i know their area coverage, floor area of the apartment (which i want to be of 240sqyd and 120sqyds), and the number of apartments the building contain. A top view of the building would suffice, like the one i've posted below, given that i know the correct dimensions and number of apartments the building is going to contain.
  6. So any suggestion for the layout plan of apartments?
  7. Let me show you my work so far As you in the image, i have, so far, laid two category of housing plots one is of 600 sq.yds and the other is 400 sq.yd. And there is space left for commercial, education, social, health, welfare,recreation, and public ( government) uses. Further i have to diversify the housing provision by providing housing for lower class of population. Now either that could be accomplished by provision of plots or by the provision of apartment buildings, which would be somewhat more economical. I was wondering that maybe i should provide footprint of the buildings. For example,
  8. Well yeah, ReMark, you are right. I dont need a detailed layout plan rather i just need a birds-view of the apartment buildings. Better still i can just assign the space for apartments as "space for apartments, lol. Basically i am not required to provide for the layout plan of the proposed buildings, just allotting the space would suffice. I want to know other possibilities within 2D drafting to make the plan a little detailed.
  9. I've traced the image that you have posted. And the result is: I believe there are going to be measurement problems, i am working in architectural units. With 1:1, besides, as i said earlier that i've little experience with drafting, i can't seem to understand that floor plan. Yes i will be pasting the apartments line-structure on the plan that i've been working on. Thanks!
  10. ReMark, i would love to but the thing is, i've little knowledge about the building's floor plans as i am a student of Urban Planning. I would really appreciate if someone could provide me these. Besides the 2D plans aren't that difficult to work with, i've googled a little but came up with some detailed drawings of the buildings.
  11. Hi everyone! I need to provide some apartment buildings in my project, I'll appreciate if someone could help me with blocks of these. I want to provide apartments with floor area of 240 sq.yds and 120 sq.yds
  12. But the area command won't allow me to take measurement along the curve. I tried using ddarea command but not use because the desired area is not in the shape of an object.
  13. Thank you so much for your interest! i would like to learn one more thing, i have to keep a check on the percentage of roads that i provide in the design, would like to a way to measure the total area taken by them.
  14. Never mind fellas ! i figured it out by setting out the shape along the angle ! thank you
  15. I've come up, yet again, with this irritating obstacle in run of drafting. As i was going for placement of plots and amenities, i can't seem to align the plots along a line...