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  1. There a number of threads to seek help on so here goes; I'm a visual person, and am having trouble seeing Project 054044 Civil Drafting Elective's driveway, (SW Ash Creek Drive) this problem stems from; I can't seem to get a grasp on how to set the directions in the program (north, south, etc.) So when I type in a direction, often times i'll have to mirror it to make it work. I have no idea what this is supposed to look like in the end, I realize that's my job to find out, but alas, I've been bumping my head on this one for quite some time now. Because the contour lines are adjacent to the road, I can't picture what a cut/fill scenario would look like besides the contour lines just ending at the road (Angle of repose 1.5:1) Guidance requested, What I'm asking for: An image/PDF/DWG of Plate 2-3 of the Civil Drafting Elective.
  2. I was never provided a PDF unfortunately, just a print, but that is quite a ways from me.
  3. A simple plan, yet I do not have enough time, All is well! I'll make due.
  4. Unfortunately no details are given about the wall dimensions and such for the layout.
  5. Alas, my search is to no avail. Have you seen it around?
  6. I recently made a move, and I lost some materials. My due date is swiftly encroaching, anyone available to shoot me a PDF/scan of PLATE A for the home layout, and or a .DWG? (the latter preferred)
  7. Praxus

    HVAC School project

    Pardon the delayed response! I just was curious about the labeling of the schedules. It clearly defines it in the booklet, but a clear image would work wonder. Thank you so much kind sir!
  8. Praxus

    HVAC School project

    Is there any way I could get a sharper image of plate 1? I realize images have been posted but they lack the quality to really give me and idea whats going on. I would greatly appreciate it! Much obliged.