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  1. Hi, I am fairly new to AutoCad Electrical 2012 and our company is now using the project manager. I want to create a block with enhanced attributes within the project manager, I'm use to cut and paste, fast and dirty. I want to create a 480V, 3 phase 24VDC power supply, what is the easiest way to do this. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Thanks, Kilowatt
  2. Kilowatt

    Title Block Has No Defined Attributes

    Thanks rkent, that worked perfect! I did not create these drawings so I'm not sure what was used, project manager etc.
  3. Kilowatt

    Title Block Has No Defined Attributes

    Thanks guys, but I'm really trying to find a quick way to change the title blocks info quickly. I mostly need to change the PROJ.NO, DRAWING NO., DRAWN BY, REV, DATE ETC....The project I'm currently working on has 56 SHEETS and I have to manually click on each one and change it. This is very time consuming and I need a fast way to change them. Thanks!
  4. Kilowatt

    Title Block Has No Defined Attributes

    Can you please give step by step instructions on how to copy to each Paperspace layout. Thank you!
  5. Hi, I was given a customers title block but there are no defined attributes. I'm using AutoCad Electrical 2010. I have to double click on the title block and the edit block definition box pops up. I select the block to edit and click ok. I would like to use the enhanced attribute editor on these title blocks. Is there a way to define the attributes on this kind of title block using the enhanced attribute editor? Thanks!
  6. Kilowatt

    New printer

    Thanks Remark! It was exactly what I was looking for and it worked perfect.
  7. Kilowatt

    New printer

    http://www.swamp.org/ Are you sure?
  8. Hi, I'm currently using AutoCad Electrical 2010 and we just got a new printer. Is there any way to map all of my electrical drawngs to that printer without opening each drawing and selecting the new printer? Thanks!