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  1. steven-g

    Page not found

    It was more a comment about the agelessness of some topics. If you look at post views on many subjects, you can often see the numbers run into thousands. It would be interesting to see the time frame on how those numbers are reached, is it a steady continuous climb or a quick high with new posts followed by a trickle as they age. It might be interesting to see the number of hits that the "page not found" gets, if that shows up in your sites control panel. Or will these results in web searches start to decline as the various search engines are updated into the future.
  2. steven-g

    New Forum Feedback

    I have to agree on this, way too much white space, it's tiring on the eyes to have to try and pick out the actual post content, I'm old school and started on Forums in the newsgroups, where things where laid out in compact lines. You had the user name and on the same line was the comment, the next line was directly another comment with just the user name starting the line. No need to hunt the post down and identify it, or endlessly scroll. This trend (on all forums) to space everything out makes it really difficult to read, I have dual 23" monitors but still only get 3 or 4 lines of usable content on a page. The last time I read a book with that amount of content on each page I was about 3. Since then I have developed the skill to read whole pages of text and it is much easier to follow what is going on. All that user information repeated endlessly is something I find obtrusive and grabs all the attention.
  3. steven-g

    Page not found

    I'm getting a lot of page not found results from web searches, probably due to their age but searching for Lisp routines, many appear to be old answers, but not updated because they actually still work! As an example searching for "add sufix to block name" many results and I found one that works dated from 2009 on Autodesk site, but all results from Cadtutor show "Page not found"
  4. Just make sure you don't have any extra spaces at the end of the last command, run your script and watch the command line or open the command line history (F2) you should be able to see what is going on. Once you have your script finishing cleanly from the insert commands then just add your next command, so long as your commands accept command line input (no dialogue boxes) then you can make a script as long as you want.
  5. The problem would appear to be having the blank line after your third insert. That is actually starting the insert command again, which then expects a coordinate. and be careful with the spaces, you have a space character at the end of each line (impossible to see visually). Bigals method of using a linefeed to separate each item is a much better way of writing your code.
  6. steven-g

    BIG NEWS: We're upgrading

    That's has been obvious for years , I did post a comment and noticed an update within an hour, how long ago was the forum change at Autodesk? 3 months? and still waiting for fixes. Well not actually waiting I gave up on that site, just use it for occasional reference now.
  7. steven-g

    The best way to get experience with Revit

    I would look around local colleges and adult education centers for evening courses, these are usually more affordable.
  8. steven-g

    Blocks and multiple visibility

    I have to be honest, although you can do some amazing things with dynamic blocks, the original intention of blocks is to save time and memory by having repeatable content, but experience has shown me that you can spend many hours even days and weeks, creating really complicated extravagant blocks that do everything, when in reality several simpler blocks would perform just as well and take a fraction of the time to create the only difference being you have to select more blocks when using them.
  9. steven-g

    Blocks and multiple visibility

    Hmmm confusing, I thought the OP is referring to the parameters associated with the parametric tab in the ribbon or menu, so dimensional or geometric constraints(or user defined in the parameters manager), and these to the best of my knowledge can't be created in LT. But then you also have the Parameters/Actions in the dynamic block editor which of course LT can fully utilize.
  10. steven-g

    Blocks and multiple visibility

    Attributes are definitely possible, but I think LT is restricted to just viewing existing parameters and can't create them. Here's a block with various drop-down menus, it's a door block I made a long time ago for keeping track of door opening sizes from site surveys, it uses Dutch so might be a bit hard to follow, but it basically lets you put in door opening sizes to visually see if a door leaf fits within the opening, but it has a few drop-down menus, to let you select room names, floor levels, door numbers, also choose the fire rating type of handle used (all text-based). And visually it uses drop-down menus to let you choose the door handing (or sliding door) architrave (yes/no). Plus dozens of attributes for keeping an inventory list of many of door properties. This was a great help when I used to be producing door lists. DoorBlock(old).dwg
  11. steven-g

    BIG NEWS: We're upgrading

    Hopefully, it won't be the disaster that the last 2 Forum changes where on the Autodesk forums, I've personally given up on using that site, but that's another story. Besides that good luck, I hope it all goes well, and I look forward to seeing the version. Do you plan on making any changes to the layout or is that going to stay as it is now? Any chance of getting a section dedicated to Bricscad it really is coming along in leaps and bounds.
  12. steven-g

    Blocks and multiple visibility

    Nope I only mentioned it to show that even in Full Autocad multiple visibility states isn't a standard option, and a Lisp someone created still gives problems, it's not what dynamic blocks were designed to do, but you can sometimes fake it.
  13. steven-g

    Blocks and multiple visibility

    Can you post a dwg with a good description of what you are trying to achieve. There is apparently a Lisp around that at least used to allow the creation of multi visibility blocks but that is only in Full Autocad, and it does give some people problems. Multiple visibility is not a built in feature. But you can do various tricks in LT it all depends on what you are trying to do?
  14. Can you post the block so someone can see what is going on.
  15. steven-g

    Need advice on CAD software to buy.

    bricscad uses 3D so any changes made in the model are automatically adjusted to any layout drawings, it's also lisp compatible so lisps that work in autocad also work in bricscad