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  1. I agree.. is there another way to link polylines? The blocks are linked by there attribute. Its only the polylines we use to represent the fiber that is linked with the handle.
  2. I have tried attaching the file both ways and can't get it to upload. I even tried ant work were we have 100 meg fiber. Guess I'm on my own but thank you everyone for all your help and efforts.
  3. Is there a way to attach the file? I know I can open it in note pad and paste it but it is very large.
  4. We don't go through a lot of drafters. We were needing hiring a lot cause we are growing faster then we can keep up with. We use to be bbcom just recently changed names to match our parent company. The office in conway is the Corperate office for telecommunications. Our parent company Corperate office is osmose utilities in Buffalo New York. I have not talked to autodesk. I don't think they would help with a program not wrote by them. All the drafters in the office are running windows 7 64 bit and autocad map 3d 2012 64 bit. The office we took over in TN were running 32 bit programs and they wrote the dvb. They were going under so we bought them out and kept them going for about 6 months but they were still loosing money. I guess that's what happens when people sit around and get paid without producing. But now I have to figure out what and how they were fulfilling there contracts.
  5. I work in conway. No its not entergy or ap&l. I work for osmose communication services. The person who wrote the program is not on good terms. He was paid a hefty settlement with the terms of helping down their server in TN and get everything running smooth but he only gave us five minutes and left. So i cant count on him. I think i found the problem but not sure how to fix it. I think it was wrote for a 32 bit system and we are running 64 bit. How do I attach a file tho my thread? I do have our IT guys looking at the file but they have no autocad knowledge so I dont think they will be much help.
  6. Im in central Arkansas. I tried to use query but there is no coordinate system attached to the drawing. I have no ideal what coordinate the file was created in. The person who had this project was fired and the morons who let them go didn't have anyone cross trained. I have now found a glitch in the .vba but Im not sure how to find it or fix it. It wont update all of the fields from access to the macros in the dwg or visa versa and in some of the items wont populate from the .dwg or the access file at all. The only way I can get the connection between the files is by typing the items in excel and importing them into access.
  7. Okay I hope this helps. Here is what I know. I have autocad map 3d 2012 set to auto load a .dvb file. Which enables my dwg ans ms access file to communicate. The ms access file contains the same information from the attributed blocks and polylines from the dwg. If I change the info in either file the other file is update. The polylines are linked by the handle given by autocad and the blocks are linked by the attributed info. So in order to create the database I have to export the attributed block info (not a problem) and I need the handles and start and end coordinates of the polylines. (That's the problem). I have tried mapexport dataexport map guery and the lisp provided by big al. (Sorry I dont have that with me. It is on my office computer and I will post it as soon as I can). The lisp give an error. I tried it multiple time selecting a multiple polyline and a single polyline. Error bad argument I don't know what caused the error. The export functions I tried within autocad didn't give me the handle of the polylines. I fell stuck and don't know what to try or where to look next. I even tried using the list command but it isn't very efficient.
  8. I think I'm missing something. I have searched for the answer for a week now and have tried the lisps but either didn't get the results or got an error.
  9. Murph_map you are correct I do need some training on map 3d. Unfortunately my company can not provide the training. I am the most experienced with the map 3d. I have been a telcom drafter since 2005. We have just started scratching the surface of the gis side the last year or so. The company only went to map 3d 2012 because of plexscape. The college here doesn't offer any night classes and the ones near by that might have failed proven themselves to me. They dont teach the basic cad skills need in the real world. I knew more about drafting when i graduated high school then the new hires at the office know straight out of college. Any suggestions.
  10. I will try to explain this the best I can. I have several hundred miles of aerial and buried fiber. It is in AutoCAD map 3d 2012. I was given the task to create a database that links to the drawing and consists of information extracted from attributed blocks and cable information. The blocks are no problem. I am able to get all the info needed from ATTOUT, but getting the fiber info can be done manually. The cable in the landbase (.dwg) is represented by polylines and the access database links to the handle created by autocad. I can get all the handles and then manually type the pole to pole info. But if I can export the handle with the start and end coordinates it would be a much faster process. I have tried using the dataexport command but I cant seem to get the handle information. or if there is a way to export all attributed block info and polyline handles with start and end location at the same time, would be more of a time saver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I would like to know this as well. I have several hundred miles of fiber that I have to create a database for in Access. It would be very helpful if I were able to export the handles and start and end locations of the polylines (fiber cable). The data base is set up to link to AutoCAD using the handle IDs and the start and end locations could easily correspond with the pole information extracted using ATTOUT.